IoT Connectivity SoC Subscription

Stay up to date on technology intelligence in IoT Connectivity SoCs

TechInsights’ IoT Connectivity SoC subscription is the ideal solution for leaders who want to base their product roadmaps on hard facts and understand what’s really going on with cutting edge IoT connectivity systems on chips (SoCs).

This subscription-based service is the authoritative and most cost-effective source of reliable and accurate analysis of IoT connectivity SoCs in high-volume and high-growth applications including:

Provides facts on IoT connectivity SoCs and the competitive landscape

Enables you to make informed decisions about device designs

Allows you to go to market quicker with best of class products

Empowers you to grow market share and revenue

Available IoT Connectivity SoC competitive technical intelligence reports

TechInsights’ IoT Connectivity SoC subscription product provides tailored technical analysis to help you address the challenges of developing your IoT connectivity SoC product strategy

Projected number of IoT connectivity SoC reports: 120 annually


Basic Floorplan


  • Annual Target
    • 30 summary reports (~30 pages) and hundreds of high-res supporting images
  • Analysis Coverage
    • Top metal and polysilicon die images (in CircuitVisionTM)
    • Process proof
    • Floorplan analysis on die utilization
    • Block sizes and functionality
    • Die cost
  • Analyst Curation
    • Design Win Tracking
    • Tri-Annual Analyst Briefing
    • Annual Onsite Workshop
  • Real Time Update
    • Access to project work in progress before it is completed
    • Access to selected exploratory work

RF Architecture


  • Annual Target
    • 10 analysis reports
  • Analysis Coverage
    • Focus on RF transceiver
    • Plan view SEM image sets of target blocks
    • High level functional schematics of target blocks
  • Real Time Update
    • Access to project work in progress before it is completed
    • Access to selected exploratory work

Downstream Product Teardown


  • Costed bill of materials, PCB board images, component images, package images and x-rays, die markings and die corners, and system block diagrams
  • Available as custom project, or as annual subscription where 80 teardown analyses will be provided per year


Semiconductor industry trends in IoT devices

Internet of things (IoT) devices are transforming the way we live, and are creating tremendous business opportunities for everyone from established hi-tech juggernauts to startup entrepreneurs.

Distinct trends have begun to emerge in IoT device design as the scope of what is considered “IoT” continues to expand.


Systems on Chips: Industry trends in IoT

IoT is the best semiconductor industry driver since the emergence of the smartphone. Early IoT devices used multiple chips to deliver a range of functionality; more recent IoT devices employ SoCs by companies like Nordic, MediaTek, Dialog, STMicroelectronics, Qualcomm, etc. In this webinar, we will review the current IoT SoC competitive landscape, and will walk through the design details of some of the world’s leading edge IoT SoCs.