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Embedded & Emerging Memory Competitive Insights to Inform your Business Strategy

As the industry has been developing several next generation memory types, technologists are driven to accelerate development and optimize process steps on new device releases. The TechInsights Embedded and Emerging Memory Subscription provides companies with competitive analysis revealing the process design innovations of today’s technology market leaders. Combined with our 30+ years of expertise as well as extensive breadth of analysis and technology, a TechInsights subscription can help inform business strategy by delivering curated, competitive insight on cutting edge technical innovation.



Memory Subscription

Available Embedded & Emerging Memory Subscriptions

TechInsights Memory offerings have been developed to provide the focused technical intelligence you need based on your industry and role.

Floorplan Analysis (MFR)

Floorplan Analysis (MFR)

Focused on embedded and emerging memory, provides a high level view of design quality by providing insight into memory area efficiency, the technology node for process generation, and memory capacity per die through functional analysis and benchmarking.

  • Executive summary supported with image sets
  • Process Node and Foundry Identification
  • Critical Dimensions
  • Functional Block Summary
  • Stacked optical top metal and poly die photo delivered in CircuitVisionTM
  • SEM bevel
  • SEM cross-sectional imaging
  • 4 reports/year


DRAM: SWD and Sense Amp Transistor Characterization

Process Analysis

Focused on enabling understanding of all process aspects of embedded and emerging memory through dimensional, materials, architecture analysis. Also provides analyst perspective on the above to provide insight into trends and roadmap.

  • Executive summary supported by large image sets
  • SEM cross-sectional and bevel imaging
  • TEM cross-sectional with TEM EDS
  • Technical trend/roadmap by technology element
  • Design technology interaction analysis
  • Detailed explanation of process integrations
  • Next node predictions
  • 4 reports/year
  • Trend Analysis - 1 briefing / year
  • 1 Annual Seminar
  • Forecasting
  • Q&A


DRAM Periphery Design (MDP)

Process Flow Analysis

Provides insight into the manufacturing process steps, materials, and technology across leading edge embedded and emerging memory chips. Requires a subscription to the Embedded & Emerging Process channel.

Process Flow Analysis

  • Spreadsheets showing process architecture, mask list, and integration-level process steps
  • 4/year

Process Flow Full Emulation

  • Layout GDS fully decomposed into process layers
  • Synopsys Process Explorer PDF output reports
  • Synopsys Input (Route-Level Deck)*
  • 4/year

*Requires Synopsys license to view and modify

Analyst Expertise

  • Cell Design technology interaction analysis
  • Detailed explanation of process integration from wafer-in through wafer-out
  • Process steps, materials, equipment type, unit process
  • SEM and TEM cross-sectional and top-view images
  • Layer annotations, specific process module, assumption
  • 4 hours support on questions related to the above



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